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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Resetting Insurance Benefits-Set a reminder January 2, 2022!

The new year is right around the corner, and with that comes the need to perform the benefits reset and benefit recalculation utilities.

These can be and should be, run whenever the office has insurance companies that have passed their yearly benefits reset. This means it can be the first of any month throughout the year depending on your needs since not all insurance companies reset their benefits on the same schedule. The utilities need to be run on or after the reset date. 

When the utilities are being run the Benefit reset needs to be run first, followed by the Benefit recalculation utility. The steps to run both are below.

Benefits reset

Resetting benefits looks at the Employer/Plan's renewal date and resets benefits for all patients linked to the plans that have renewal dates since the utility was last run and current date.

The "Renewal date" in PracticeWorks must be entered in a four-digit "month-day" format (mm-dd). The software will not accept a numeric entry for a year because the insurance policy should be renewed every year, not just during one year.

  1. Click File Maintenance > Reset benefits.
  2. jdowner_0-1638460968145.png


  3. Click Yes if a good backup exists.
  4. A "Resetting Benefits" window will appear. When the red progress bar completes, the reset has been accomplished.



Benefits recalculator

This utility recalculates the year-to-date insurance benefits used, the individual deductible remaining, and the family deductible remaining on each patient's Clipboard.

  • Be sure you have a current backup before running this utility.

To recalculate benefits:

  1. Click the Benefits Recalculation icon.

  2. Answer the question.

  3. Click Yes to continue. If you have a large number of patients and a slow computer, please allow a few minutes for the recalculation to complete.

  4. Click No to exit the window.

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Great reminder @Rebecca_Adams!
The "Benefit info needs to be reset" also comes up in the Office Expert, so you can just take [Take Action] from there if that's easier. :0)
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First Molar I

Actually, this should be performed EVERY MONTH because there are plenty of plans that run on a cycle other than a calendar year.

Also, we have always been advised to perform File --> Maintenance --> Reset benefits BEFORE running the Benefits Recalculator utility. 

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@sonyap I made an edit to the original post to include the information for doing the reset then the recalc utility

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst