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Route Slip/COVID 19

Is there a way to print the COVID-19 consent automatically with the route slips each day?  IT would be so nice to select the route slips to print and the COVID consents print also.



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Normally, yes, you would be able to do this by setting up a document to print with the print route slip system event.

However, at the moment there is a known issue that is making it so the system events linked to printing route slips are not working. Until this issue is corrected, there is no way to get the document to automatically print alongside the route slips. This issue affects versions 7.10.0 and newer. 

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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Though there is currently an issue that is making it so the system events linked to printing route slips are not working, there is a simple work around using the Appointment Confirm/Review Expert actions button to set up a similar autolink. This will allow you to print the desired document for all patients scheduled for specific day or date range.

Go to Experts>Contact Expert>Appointment Confirm/Review

Select to generate new.


Select the criteria ensuring to check the box to include confirmed appointments and set the appointments between date to today and click ok.

Once the expert is displayed, you'll need to go through a one-time setup of the autolink by right clicking on the actions button and selecting define autolinks.

Click Add

Select to "Create Document" and click ok

Select radio button to "Create a specific document", this will bring up your document pick list.

 Select the Covid 19 Screening document you created and click ok

click ok again

Select time to print

Select "Yes, ask each time if I really want this response"

Click ok

Click yes

Click ok

Now that your one-time setup of the autolink is complete you can begin to use it. 

This time left click on the actions button and make selection to either print an individual document or for all displayed patients by selecting either "Highlighted Record" or "All displayed records"

Click ok

If in your setup process you selected "Always ask, print now or later" as your when to print option, you will be prompted to select to print now (sending job directly to your printer) or print later (send print job to document queue to be accessed/printed later from file>print>document queue).

If in your setup you selected to either "Always print immediately" or "Always print later", it will complete the task as you selected during setup.

This work around should make it more simple to print your document for all scheduled patients on a given day until development has time to resolve the issue with the Print Route Slips system event autolink.


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