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Screen Resolution of Charting Module

Just called PW tech support. Using 9.0 version of PW with Win 10. There is no way to increase size of charting module to full screen. This is woefully inadequate along with fact that perio charting doesn't carry over to next visit.  Want to be able to change readings where necessary. PT comes in for next visit and has previous full mouth charting. I need to make a couple of changes on probe readings. Can the previous readings be carried to next appointment without recharting the entire mouth? If the answer is no please change programming to allow more flexibility in charting. Thank you!

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Re: Screen Resolution of Charting Module


I'll address your question about the perio chart and carrying over from the previous visit first. 

It is possible to make it so that the Soft Tissue tab (perio chart) will open displaying the work done on the previous visit.  To do this follow these steps to make it automatically display the previous visit's data:

  1. Open the configuration of CS PracticeWorks via the Windows Start menu/programs list. it will be located under the folder for CS PracticeWorks. 
  2. Once open, go to the Setup menu.
  3. Select General Configuration.
  4. Expand along the following path: Charting Module > Soft Tissue > Preferences.
  5. Select the option for "Start Soft tissue."
  6. In the value drop down at the bottom of the window choose the option for with data from last visit.
  7. Click on Save Entry and close the windows. 

This will make it so that when you are in the charting module and you switch to the Soft tissue tab, it will show the data entered from the last visit. In order to make it so that you can copy the data from the last visit and then make it writable to add the new data you will need to do the following:

  1. Open the Patient charting module.
  2. Go to the Soft Tissue tab at the top of the window. You will see the previous visit's data. 
  3. Click on the drop down that currently reads as all readings, single visit (data entry) located just below and to the right of the charting graphic. 
  4. Choose the option for All readings, single visit, from last (data entry).
  5. Then change the Date dropdown below from the previous visit date (should be set here by default using the above settings change) to today's date. 
  6. You will then see a pop up titled Load Previous Data with the message "Create new perio exam using pervious perio data from [prevDate]".
  7. Click Yes, if you want to start a new exam with the data from the previous visit already in place. Click No, if you want to start a new exam without the data from the previous visit, and have a blank page. 


As far as the resolution for the charting module, it is something that Development is aware of as a need and is on the table to be worked on.  At this time, however, there is not a known release date for that improvement.


Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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