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Sidexis Bridge

We have Shick33 sensors and a Sirona Pano. We need to use Sidexis first to take an intraoral or pano, then copy the image to clipboard and finally paste into the patient chart. This is cumbersome and error-prone. 

Is it possible in PracticeWorks to create a bridge to Sidexis as an external application to capture the XRay, as other dental programs allow for integration?

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Unfortunately, the only Imaging software that CS PracticeWorks can fully integrate with is the CS Imaging software. However, it is possible to launch a third-party imaging software via a chart button or from the capture tab on the charting module, but it will not push the images taken back into the PracticeWorks software. Some third-party imaging software have their own bridge that allows it to see the open chart's patient data.  This allows that software to open to the correct images.  Even with that though, it still does not push the images back into the PracticeWorks software. 

I am assuming that you are importing the images into the Chart so that you can see them in the NEA bridge for sending claim attachments.  It is possible to use the screen capture function within the NEA software to do a screen capture of the needed images to send as attachments. 

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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I have created a command-line program that serves as a bridge from PracticeWorks to SIDEXIS 4.3. 

From a custom button in the PW charting module, it creates and selects a patient in SIDEXIS using the name and birthdate from PracticeWorks, and starts SIDEXIS.

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