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Statements in queue that should not be

I have encountered this sporadically, but today I have gone from A - Z on this particular account soo I am 100% certain of what the problem is now, and I need to point out a glitch in the software.

Our office-wide statement set up is that no statements are to be sent until ALL claims are cleared.  Today, I had a claim rejection for one of two services on a claim.  I marked the other service line as "resubmit".  The estimated insurance payment is still accurate for this remaining item and the claim is still marked as submitted for that line.  The responsible party clipboard is showing the full balance, along with the insurance estimate.  HOWEVER, this account is in my queue to send a statement today - even with a claim still outstanding 

Based on prior occurrences, combined with tracking today's steps from start to finish, it has to do with either part of a claim being denied, or part of a claim being marked for resubmission.

Please let me know when this has been fixed in the software.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

@Nina-Gilbert can we take a look at getting this fixed?

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