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Canine II

Switching Books on top of Schedule

Is it possible to add Block Booking Production to the arrow down and up on practices that do not have multiples offices or doctors and have no need for a separate book.

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Re: Switching Books on top of Schedule

No, that is not possible. 

Blockbooking is a completely different process then simply having multiple books being used. 

Think of the appointment book as layers being shown. The order of the layers, top to bottom, is Active Appointments, Then block booking. 

When you go to Apptbook>View> and select Block booking production/employees, it is essentially turning off the active appointments layer so you cannot see the appts. Thus making it so any edits you are making only apply to the selected layer. and when you switch back to active appointments it will cause the appointments to be visible again as an overlay on top of the block booking allowing you to see both, but only actively being able to edit the appointment layer. 

The Up/Down arrows only cycle through existing appointment books profiles and not through the different layers. The layers are all part of the same appointment book profile. 


It might be possible to add a shortcut in a future build to go into block booking.  Something to consider @tyson_edwards?

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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