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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Thanks for joining us at the Global Oral Health Summit!

What a fantastic event! This was our first time hosting the meeting away from our home town, Atlanta, and I think it went extremely well.  For those of you who joined me in the lunch-and-learn, I greatly appreciate your feedback. 

There were a few new things we unveiled at the conference, in case you missed it.  The biggest announcement, one that set the opening keynote on fire, was the beta test launch of Boost, a new app for your mobile devices that can be used to supplement your CS PracticeWorks Cloud experience.  That's right, it is only available for Cloud customers today, but if it is successful, you'll probably see it for all customers in the future.  You can find out more about this new offering here: and Benefits

Attendees would have also learned more about our eConnections integration, providing Appointment Reminders, 2-Way Texting, Online Scheduling, Online Brand Management with Ratings and Reviews, Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Directories, ROI Tracking, and Call Recording and Analysis all in one easy software solution.  You can read more about eConnections here:

Next year we will be hosting the Global Oral Health Summit in Orlando, Florida.  If you have joined us in the past, we are excited to invite you back, and if you are a new attendee, you are really going to get a lot out of the classes we will offer.  Until then, keep in touch, and keep posting in the Community!


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