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Canine III

Time Clock

Does anyone use the time clock?  We care considering using it, but it allows the employee to change the time when clocking in and out.  I have tried to change the security level and settings, but it still allows the option of changing the time from the default computer time.  It defeats the purpose if anyone can change the time each time they clock in or out.  Please let me know if you have any solutions.

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Canine II

Re: Time Clock

We use the Clock in and Clock out.   We have that at access level 10 and only those with level 10 can change it.  I am not sure why that is not working for you.


Re: Time Clock


   The experience you are having with this feature can be explained. When PracticeWorks is launched and say someone with level 10 access logs in to the program. Until this level 10 user is logged off, any actions completed within the software apply their level 10 access to tasks being completed.


   So if while the level 10 user is logged in and someone comes up to Activities>Clock In/Out, the program assumes the level 10 user is present and supervising, allowing the person clocking in/out to edit the time. If someone with a lower access level than needed to edit clock in/out times is logged in to PracticeWorks already and someone attempts to clock in/out and change time, they would be prompted for user name/password to verify clearance level.


   I usually recommend Offices using this feature at on a specific computer where the normal employee logged in to the program doesn't have the access level high enough to edit the time or the user on the computer goes to Activities>Log out prior to letting someone clock in.

   This should prevent the issue you are describing. Easy way to solve this is if not present at your computer go to Activities>Log out whenever you leave so others cannot take advantage of your higher access level while you're away.

Canine III

Re: Time Clock

We also use the Clock In/Clock Out function.  We use it on a computer that is in our hallway where staff members are logging in and logging out.  There are no staff members with Level 10 clearance that stay logged into that system.

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