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Canine II

Totals Recalulator

We received an error message today "The calculated ending A/R balance does not match the stored ending A/R balance.  Please exit PracticeWorks on all workstations and run the Totals Recalculator."

What does this mean?  What effects will this have after we run it?  Why would it not balance?  Any advice is appreciated.

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Re: Totals Recalulator


This problem happens when the office has previously run some report which shows an ending balance, after which they made a correction for an entry within that measured period, and then they run another report which shows what should be the same ending balance. However, the amount is different now because of the manual correction. This error message calls attention to the discrepancy.

Basically, since the last time the daily or periodic report was run for the same date range, the original ending A/R balance has changed due to entries being corrected on ledgers. These can be due to entries being removed or backdated within that time frame.  The software sees the differences and gives you a warning message and a suggested action to take to make sure the new ending balance is accurate. 


The totals recalculator will wipe the file that contains the original calculations and then it will scan through all the ledger entries and re-calculate the current A/R balance making sure everything is accounted for correctly.  Most likely you won't see any changes made, with the exception that the daily or periodic report for that date range will now show a message at the top to let you know that it was recalculated and may contain different numbers from the original time it was run for that date range. 


When you do get to run the utility you will want to make sure you add checkboxes to the options "Full logging" and "Zap Dr-bal.dat."  When the utility completes it will ask if you want to view the log file, there will be no need to unless for some reason the utility does not resolve the message when running the report. At that time one of our escalation members may look through the log file or run another utility to fine why it did not resolve the issue. 


Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst