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Training vs Support

When did support stop teaching folks how to use features?  If the only purpose for support is to guarantee that the software is functioning properly, then I think we are way overpaying.  Years past, support could walk you through how to use your software or answer questions if you needed some clarification.  Now I am continually told, "that is a question for training you will need to call them". However, when training comes on, I am offered the option to hire a trainer for $1500.00 per day.  Given this, there seems to be very little need for our office to continue paying over $400.00 per month for our support package.  Have other offices noticed that there is a disconnect?

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Premolar III

Re: Training vs Support

I have noticed it as well but we've been on PW back when there was a forum that was bring run by the developers so we managed to get most of our questions answered then. However, I'd sure love to be able to get some questions answered of the training variety about going chartless without having to commit to an entire day of consulting.
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Re: Training vs Support

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Re: Training vs Support

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. One of our support managers will be in touch with you if they have not already contacted you. There must have been some miscommunication on our part. A very large percentage of calls taken by our support staff are "how to" calls and our staff is trained on how to teach offices how to do certain functions.  With that being said, there are times where our training staff is a better overall option for practices. For example, new employee training, or if an office wants to start using a feature like electronic claims, automated statements, or a new imaging  product  for example,  that requires a little more in depth training. 

We do review our agents calls on a monthly basis and provide additional training and coaching to try to prevent this type of situation from occurring. I have instructed our PW management team to track down some of the most recent calls from your office to review. If you ever feel like you are not getting the correct answers from our staff, by all means, feel free to contact us and ask for one of our support managers. 

Matt Czarick | Sr. Manager
DPMS Escalations Group
CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Training vs Support

Of course Support can answer your questions as they come up from time to time but here are training options that are apart of your support agreement.

On your local machine

1. Initial Training Workbook- Start/Programs/CS Practiceworks/Documentation

2.Charting Training Workbook

3. F1 Key -Context Sensitive Help built in to program

On the Web

1 Carestream Dental Institute- Register for an account and self assign content through course catalog-Recorded content and job aids and documents   Register

2. Community. (this web site)   Register for an account

3. Webinars

4. Paid Online Training Sessions

***You can purchase Online Training which is available by the hour, by the three hour remote or in packages with a certified trainer*** The value to your office in this training is it can be customized to your practice needs and can optimize the return on your investment by identifying what you are and are not doing in the software to return additional benefits to your practice management****

5. Paid Onsite Training Days-***customized training and observations of existing workflows, identifying areas of optimization and training those areas to optimize the return on your investment by identifying what you are and are not doing in the software to return additional benefits to your practice management****

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