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Canine III

Training vs Support

When did support stop teaching folks how to use features?  If the only purpose for support is to guarantee that the software is functioning properly, then I think we are way overpaying.  Years past, support could walk you through how to use your software or answer questions if you needed some clarification.  Now I am continually told, "that is a question for training you will need to call them". However, when training comes on, I am offered the option to hire a trainer for $1500.00 per day.  Given this, there seems to be very little need for our office to continue paying over $400.00 per month for our support package.  Have other offices noticed that there is a disconnect?

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Premolar III

Re: Training vs Support

I have noticed it as well but we've been on PW back when there was a forum that was bring run by the developers so we managed to get most of our questions answered then. However, I'd sure love to be able to get some questions answered of the training variety about going chartless without having to commit to an entire day of consulting.
Premolar I

Re: Training vs Support

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