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Updated PracticeWorks Schedule & Screen Resolution Settings

Good morning PracticeWorks community!

If you've used PracticeWorks for any length of time you're familiar with changing the screen resolution to make the schedule "fit" your screen. In addition to the Windows screen resolution, there were PracticeWorks Configuration ("green screen") settings. Starting in 8.1, the "green screen" settings are gone as they are no longer used. 

Once you update to 8.1, PracticeWorks recognizes your Windows resolution and adjusts accordingly. Many PracticeWorks users (if not all!) have adjusted the resolution in Windows to accommodate PracticeWorks. After updating some users have noticed the fit of the schedule doesn't look quite right. In this discussion below, I'm going to show you how changing your resolution in Windows affects PracticeWorks 8.1. 

The screen shots below were taken with an HP EliteDisplay E232 23" monitor. This monitor supports several resolutions, five of which I'll show, from highest to lowest. Following the resolutions I've listed the options for changing resolution and DPI in Windows 7. 

1920 x 1080

1920 x 1080

With 1920 x 1080 I see my entire day (8 A.M. to 5 P.M.) and then some. If the practice were open longer I would see those hours with ease. Everything looks crisp and clean. The trade off is size; the clipboard, chart, and all text are smaller than the resolutions listed below.  

1680 x 1050

When I change to the next resolution down, 1680 x 1050, I can still see my entire day. Clipboards, charting, and text are stretched and larger than in 1920 x 1080. 

1680 x 1050

1600 x 900

As I select the next resolution down, 1600 x 900, everything gets larger. I still see my entire schedule for the day but less closed time appears. Notice how the calendar is positioned in the same place for each screen shot and how it now cuts into the open scheduled time. 

1600 x 900

1400 x 900

In 1400 x 900 resolution the calendar obscures even more of the appointment book. Also notice that in the highest resolution (1920 x 1080) the hours 6:30 A.M. through 9:30 P.M. were visible. In 1400 x 900, 6:00 A.M. through 6:00 P.M. is seen. 

1400 x 900

1024 x 768

Finally, in the lowest resolution supported by 8.1, 1024 x 768, the schedule reverts from rectangular to square and everything appears larger, though the text and images are not as sharp as the higher resolutions. 

1024 x 768

Changing Windows Resolution

After updating to 8.1 you may want to adjust your Windows resolution to find just the right fit. All options below are in Windows 7. Windows 8 and 10 contain similar options. 

To change the resolution, right click on your Windows desktop and choose Screen Resolution.

Screen Resolution - Windows 7

From here, change the slider bar and click Apply.

Changing Resolution - Windows 7

An additional setting under Display allows you to modify the size of text and images on your screen. My monitor defaults to 100%. By changing to 125%, text and images become larger. In order for this change to be effective in PracticeWorks, an additional option must be disabled. 

After selecting Display click "Set custom text size". The option "Use Windows XP style DPI scaling" must be deselected. Please note this will affect all applications on your computer. 

Custom DPI

After clicking OK click Apply on the Display screen:

Apply Custom DPI

You will be required to Log Off for the changes to take effect. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. 

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