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User defined report no longer working

I spoke with @robertangus about this a month or so ago.  Years ago, my office created a report/contact expert to tell us what recall/hygiene patients that were on the schedule over the next two weeks had unscheduled treatment in their tx plan.  It worked for years and now all of a sudden when I try to use it, the report pulls up nobody (which is incorrect). Robert gave me a solution to help get by, but it is still too much work and not functioning the way that it was when we first wrote the report.

Can someone there look in Practice Central for me?  The formula has to be close to whatever is programmed in order for those patients with unscheduled tx to populate on that list/report.  We just need to modify it to be for a different time frame.  I don't want to wait until the morning of someone's appointment to call and say "oh by the way, did you want that crown taken care of today while you are here for your cleaning?"  I need to be able to contact them in advance without looking through every single patient on the hygiene schedule.

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