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Community Manager

Windows 11 Update

Continuing our ongoing commitment to you to keep our family of DPMS products relevant and able to support your business going forward, we are happy to let you know that integration testing between your DPMS and Windows 11 is currently underway, and in some cases complete.

Customers on Softdent are able to run Windows 11 successfully with SD v19.0.3 and above.

PracticeWorks customers can look forward to v10.1.5 which will be released by mid-November, which also included the certified integration with Windows 11.

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First Molar I

For what it’s worth, one of the new PCs that I acquired is running windows 11 with PW and we’ve not experienced any issues. If anything, I’d say it’s running a bit smoother…

Anyone else reluctant to update to a new version of PW? My concern is not truly knowing what’s been broken until after the fact. If it was a simple matter of applying an update that can be reversed, then it wouldn’t be as big of a concern. However, when you have to up date 20+ workstations, that’s far from simple.