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Windows firewall settings

My server 2012 just installed windows updates yesterday.  The workstations cannot communicate with the server.  What are the windows firewall settings for practiceworks?

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Generally, for Server 2012 I would set inbound rules for ports 3351 and 13024 to allow the connections. These are the two ports the Pervasive Database Engine and PracticeWorks TaskManager use respectively to communicate.

This can be done by opening Windows Control Panel and clicking on the link for Windows Firewall.

Click on the Advanced Settings link in the upper Left.

Click on the Inbound Rules Link in upper left.

Click on New Rule in upper Right.


Select the Port radio button and click Next.

Enter in port 3351 and click Next.

Select Allow the Connection radio button and click Next.

Select the options that apply to your network and click Next.

Enter Pervasive in Name field and click Finish.

Repeat these steps again for Port 13024 and name it PracticeWorks Task Manager.

Once completed, you will see these two Inbound Rules in your list.

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Community Manager

Hello gfdnh03581‌, sorry for the delay. I believe our product line manager for PracticeWorks, matt.ackerman, is out of the office right now.

jeffrey.urkevich‌ or robert.angus‌ can either of you help Edwin, or know of someone to tag in this conversation?

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