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Wired v. Wireless Headsets for Charting

Our RDH is reluctant to use a wired headset for perio charting.  Our CPUs are mounted on the wall near the ceiling, resulting in need for long obstructive cables.  

Is anyone using wireless headsets?  If so, what brand/model?  What are the drawbacks, if any?

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Re: Wired v. Wireless Headsets for Charting


Our official suggested headset is a wired headset. Primarily because wired headsets are less prone to disruption in communication with the computer. 

A wireless headset would work fine as far as compatibility goes. The only real potential issue to the wireless headset, besides forgetting to charge them, is that their signal can receive interference. Especially if there are other devices that communicate on the same wireless frequency.  Most wireless headsets use the 2.4GHz frequency, which is the same as wireless keyboards and mice.  It is the standard due to it being a stronger signal and has a long-range (potentially up to 300ft depending on manufacturer settings), but because other wireless devices use it as well, they have the potential to cause cross-interference.  

On our system requirements, we have the Andrea Electronics NC-7100 USB and the ANC-700 headsets as recommended headsets. Both of which are wired. 

I personally do not find it to be a common issue with my own setup where I have multiple wireless keyboards, mice, and headsets at my workstation.  I personally use a Turtle beach wireless gaming headset to answer calls and it works well when I'm using it on the voice module on my dataset. 

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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