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carestream imaging default

how do you default images to automatically show the most recent xrays when you open imaging? we have a few workstations and only 1 does this...

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Re: carestream imaging default


How are those in the office normally launching imaging from inside of the PracticeWorks software? 

There are typically five ways. 

1) right click on an appt and choose the option for "Launch imaging" software. 

2) go into the patient clipboard and click on "Imaging"

3) In the patient clipboard click on "Images" then double click an image or click on imaging. 

4) Inside the patient chart and click on the Imaging Icon above the xray thumbnails

5) inside the patient chart and double click on one of the xray thumbnails. 



The imaging software doesn't really have an option to control it showing the most recent xrays. 

My suggestion is launching into the imaging software with either option 1 or 4 that i mentioned above.  Then going into the image history and this will list all the images. and you can then sort by date or tooth number.  It should keep the sort method the next time you open the software. 


Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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