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eClaims Submission error

We are getting this error message frequently when submitting electronic claims for services provided by a locum tenens dentist.  Not all payers, primarily MetLife and a few others:  

Reject Reason: Missing procedure information: Missing PerformProviderTaxId

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Re: eClaims Submission error



That error indicates that the provider for that claim is missing information on employee profile's insurance tab.  You'll need to go to the profiles and check to see if they have the License#, NPI#, and possibly the Billing doctor (When this employee is the treating DR, use the following billing Dr. Facility to file claims) option is set correctly. 

To get to the employee profile go to  List> Employees > select the needed employee and click OK > Select the insurance tab. 


Once you have corrected any missing or incorrect information there, you'll need to go to each claim and do a resubmit with updated information. 

To resubmit in this manner, You can either go to the individual patient's clipboards, then ledger and right click on one of the procedures for that claim. Select View/resubmit primary or secondary insurance, Click on the Resubmit button and choose the Resubmit with updated information option. Then click OK and resend via the eClaims window. 

Let me know if you are successful or not please.


Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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