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minimum balance to print statements

Can someone explain to me why PW is not generating a statement for this patient?  Her balance is EXACTLY the minimum balance to print.




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It may be needed to run a couple of utilities to make sure that the balance on their ledger is correct.

Just in case,  you can run the utilities from any computer, but they do run quicker on the server. 

To get to the utilities:

  1. Click on the Windows Start button.
  2. Expand the CS PracticeWorks application folder. 
  3. Select and open Utilities

We will want to run the Fix ledger amounts utility first. 

Inside the Utilities window, Click on Patches.  Scroll down to find Fix Ledger Amounts. It will be the next to last patch listed.  Select it and click on Run Selected Patch. Click Yes to confirm you want to run the patch. 

Once it is completed, you will also want to run the Totals recalculator utility. 

Inside the main utilities window, Click on the button for Totals Recalculator, which is second on the left. 

Make sure ALL boxes are checked and click on Run. 


Once those are done, look at that patient's A/R setup button on their clipboard again to see if the line for "Next Statement will print: changed to "Next statement run" or if it still says "When bal is > min"


Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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@jdowner I just went to run this patch, but realized that I can't.  It states that it will round all ledger amounts to an even cent.  I don't want to round anything - I want the balance to be exactly what it is supposed to be.  Honestly, in 20 years using PW, I don't recall ever needing to run this utility.

In the meantime, I found another patient with the exact same balance who IS receiving statements.  So we need to find another answer to this problem.

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