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new to CareCredit

Our office has recently enrolled in CareCredit and I want to utilize the buttons within PracticeWorks but I am not finding any training or info through the HELP feature in PWs or on the Carestream Institute.  I'm looking for info as how to complete an application and transaction and such through CareCredit through our PWs software.  Can someone provide me a link or info on that?  Or do I need to schedule a time with a trainer?

Thank you!

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: new to CareCredit

You can click Help on the Main menu and access the HELP files. Search for CareCredit or Managing Patient Accounts.

This is part of the article under help to assist you.

You will need to contact CareCredit for your Practice ID. 

Enabling CareCredit and Configuring Providers

To enable and set up the CareCredit integration:

  1. Select File > Preferences > CareCredit > Enable CareCredit. You are prompted to configure providers.

  2. Click OK.

  3. Select File > Preferences > CareCredit > Configure Providers. The CareCredit Providers List is displayed.

  • A Provider must be an AR administrator (Can administer accounts setting checked on the Employee Properties window), in order to be set up for CareCredit.

  1. Select a provider and click Edit. The Configure CareCredit Service window is displayed.

  2. Enter the Merchant Number and Practice Code, and Merchant Zip Code, and click Add Service. A confirmation is displayed.

  • The zip code is not required. If used, it must match the zip code used by the provider when signing up with CareCredit.

  1. Click OK. The Service Added status for the provider is changed to Yes.

  1. Repeat for each provider or production owner.

  • You can also access this window from the Other tab of the Employee Properties window.

  • Accessing CareCredit



     You can access the CareCredit window directly from the PracticeWorks Toolbar. This displays the window with no patient selected, but you can use it to look up accounts, complete an online application form, launch the payment calculator, and retrieve payment plans.

    You can also access this feature from the following locations:

    • Right-click appointment
    • Check out ledger
    • Clipboard
    • Ledger card

    The CareCredit window displays for the selected patient or the patient's responsible party, with the functionality enabled to post charges and refunds, and reprint receipts.


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