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office fee schedule

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I'd like to change(increase) the office fee schedule and would like to know how we could do it on PW.

Please me out ! 


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Re: office fee schedule

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Hello Ben

There are a couple methods that can be used for updating office fees within PracticeWorks.  It will depend primarily on if you plan to update fees individually or all at once, and even more if you plan to update all fees by the dollar amount or by the same percentage.

Method 1: Updating one or some, but not all.  And updating All fees, but the amount for each fee is different and not based the same percent.

1. Click Lists

2. Click Transaction Codes

3. Highlight the desired code

4. Click Edit

5. Enter the desired new fee in the appropriate Fee Schedule

6. Click OK

Code Def - Fees

7. At the prompt, select the 2nd  option  Update Later

update fees option 1

8. Repeat the steps 3 - 6 to change the fee for each desired code

9. When all fees have been entered into their respective treatment codes,click Cancel

10. Make desired selections in the Fee Update options window (See addtional Information section for guidance)

update Fee - option 2update options explained

11. Click OK to complete changing of fees

Method 2: When you want to change all Fees by the same flat amount or percentage AKA "Mass Fee update"

1. Close PracticeWorks on all computers.

2. Verify that the office has a good, current backup of their PracticeWorks DATA folder. (If the office does not have one, they must make one before proceeding.)

3. Once a fresh backup copy of the DATA folder has been created, begin the Fee update process by clicking Start > All Programs > CS PracticeWorks Software > Utilities.

4. Click Mass Update Fees.

Utilities - mass fee update

5. Answer OK to the warning about having a recent backup.

6. Set the type and code range of the codes that should be updated.

7. Select which fee schedules (1, 2, and/or 3) to update.

8. Specify a price range of the codes which should be updated, or accept the default range (which will update all codes).

9. Set the amount of the desired fee increases.

*Steps 6-9 are on Left side of Utility options -

Mass Fee update - left side

10. Make any additional changes or specifications as desired.

*Step 10 is on the right side of the Utility options -  Refer to the Option explanation in method 1

Mass fee update - right side

11. Click OK to save the changes and update the fees.

VERY IMPORTANT: This process may require as long as 45 minutes or, depending on the specific selections made and the volume of files to be modified -- as long as several hours.

If you have any additional questions feel free to reply here or give us a call (contact information is located here)

Johnathan Downer  | PracticeWorks Escalations 

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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