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patients with insurance list

I'm interested in finding how many of our patients have insurance - not a person list - just the total number.  Is there an easy way to create this item?

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First Molar I

It should be in your User Defined Contact Expert.  "Active Patients with Insurance".

Thank you.  I don’t have that list in my user defined list and I’ve never mastered creating lists with this coding☹ I tried to create this list but I get ALL patients from day 1, even inactive and deceased....

I’ve tried opening the Expert Exchange to download this and my Expert Exchange won’t open either☹☹

Can anyone share a screenshot of the formula?  Thank you!!!

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As Sonya said, an expert can be downloaded from the exchange called "Active Patients with insurance" that will give a list and the total at the bottom. 

There is also an analysis expert on the exchange called "Patient count v2 Correct" (under the first PW Support section) that would give you a count of all your active and inactive patients and then under each of those how many have insurance vs uninsured.  It's just a count and not an actual list. 

However, If you're having issues getting the Expert Exchange to open, we might want to look into that.  Unless you're a PracticeWorks Cloud office, Cloud offices do not have access to the Expert Exchange. 

If anything, I  can build either or both of those experts for you manually if we need to. We can either set up a time for me to give you a call, or you can give support a call at your convenience and one of our Escalation team members can assist you. Just in case, you can find the support contact information here.

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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I would appreciate a call at your convenience. Thank you.

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