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posting work from treatment plan


Patient comes in with a toothache or a broken tooth.  We have no idea what treatment will be performed until the patient is seated and doctor evaluates.  After treatment is diagnosed, we create a treatment plan and print it for the patient to review and sign.  If they agree to have the service performed that day, HOW DO WE GET THE PROPOSED TREATMENT TO PULL FROM THE TREATMENT PLAN INTO THE "POST WORK" OR CHECKOUT SCREEN?

I just called in (case 7766469) and the level 1 rep wasn't able to help.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: posting work from treatment plan

Right click on appointment > select Patient Chart

Select Treatment plan tab > highlight ADA code performed> select entry performed

Close chart

Right click on appointment> Resume check out


Re: posting work from treatment plan

In addition to what to @Rebecca_Adams said, it is also possible to add newly proposed items on the treatment plan to "today's" appointment by changing the visit number in the tx plan to the next visit number that hasn't been completed yet.  So if it's a new treatment plan, the work proposed and completed today would be visit #1.  As long as the appointment hasn't been checked out yet, it will automatically pull visit #1's codes into today's appointment. 


A word of caution for this method though, if the work being proposed isn't meant to go on to today's checkout, you will want to wait until after the appointment is checked out to change the visit numbers from anything other than 99, otherwise, if it's a in progress tx plan, or marked accepted before checkout, it would add it to the appt/checkout. 

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst