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printing address labels

Is there a way to print address labels for a group of people that have a specific insurance?  For example, we are cancelling a contract with an insurance company and I need address labels for just those people.


CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee


  1. Click the Phone Inquiry Button (yellow phone).
  2. Right Click on “Actions.”
  3. Select “Define Autolinks.”
  4. Click Add
  5. Select “Create document.”
  6. Choose “Create a specific document.”
  7. Select “Mailing Label for responsible parties.”
  8. Click OK
  9. Choose “Always print later.”
  10. Choose “Yes, ask each time if I really want this response.”
  11. In the “Must be at least one of these” category select “person who is Resp party”
  12. In the “Cannot be any of these” category select “person who is inactive”
  13. In the Advanced section, click formula and then type the following:

PrimInsCo.Name = "Aetna Dental" OR
PrimInsCo.Name = "Aetna" OR
PrimInsCo.Name = "Aetna Healthcare"

The above has to match exactly (copy/paste is probably the best way to enter it). Replacing the insurance company name with whatever the company name is that you are targeting. If you have that company name listed several times, you will have to add one line for each different spelling or name configuration. Each line (before the last line) should end with "OR." The insurance company name needs to match exactly how it is listed in your insurance company list in PW. 

14. Click OK until you are back at the phone inquiry screen.



  1. Left click the “Actions” button on the phone inquiry screen.
  2. Choose “All displayed records”
  3. Select “Document: Mailing Label for responsible parties”
  4. The timer will spin and then stop.
  5. Once it is stopped, go to File > Print > Document Queue
  6. Select one of the “Mailing Label for responsible parties” documents in the queue
  7. At the bottom select, “All documents named: Mailing label for responsible parties”.
  8. Click print or export selection and they will print.

Hi!  I am jumping onto this post for my own question.  Our office is moving soon.  I need to print the address labels for active patients, but only for a 5 year period.  How do I do that??

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Thank you Debi!
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