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2020 Summit Course

2020 Summit Course

As an office using SoftDent for 15+ years, we struggle to find courses at the annual Summits that are for very experienced users.  We have a suggestion, how about having a course that is run by current, long term users of SoftDent, with the aid of a Carestream programmer and trainer, to allow discussion for improvements suggested by people that actually use the program to it's full capabilities daily?  Maybe you could have offices sign up for a time slot, they could give their suggestions, have time for discussions and so forth.  We have many suggestions, but feel they are never taken into consideration and most of the time updates do very little to improve the program.  It would make for a great addition to the Summit, that experienced offices could bounce ideas off of each other!

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

@tyson_edwards@softdentgirl@dkroane@Nina-Gilbert - why wait until 2020?  I realize we can't schedule another class for 2019 at this point, but I'm certain we'd love the feedback of a user with this much SD experience!  

Maybe we can meet during one of the one-off sessions?  Or will there be a set feedback time during the PLM class?  Just looking for the best solution without waiting a year! 

@bausdental, will you be at the Summit in Nashville, TN this year?  

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

@bausdental I would love to meet up with you at the Summit this year! Feedback from customers is one of the main reasons I attend these events. Last year you may remember we had the pitcrew area where we were available to demonstrate what we were looking to change, what we were currently working on, and get feedback from customers on where improvements were needed.

Let me know if you are there and the best way for me to contact you to arrange a time for looking at what we can improvement in SD for you and your team.


Premolar III

Believe me, that's been one of our constant complaints of these meetings, going all the way back to when they were called "User's Meeting's" in Atlanta.

BTW, there used to be a "power user's" group, but that got abandoned.  

Now that the Summit Meetings are co-joined with all the other specialties, it's not very likely that courses for experienced users will come about ....

FYI - the large list of trainers who do the classes are top notch, and have the ability to dive deep into the Softdent weeds in order to satisfy the needs of any advanced user ... 

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee


Dr. Cavola would be a great person for you to chat with, even if he isn't at the meeting, maybe via the phone?  He's a long time user with some great ideas!