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A separate database for inactive patients

A separate database for inactive patients

We would like to have a 2 data bases, 1 for active and 1 for Inactive patients. We have been on Orthotrac since the classic version and we have 26,000 patients in our system. We have been told by support that bringing up patients images/x-rays lag as it is searching the data base for them. We would like to be able to pull these patients back in if needed years down the line which the current archive method does not do. We have upgraded all our equipment, server, cables, switch, routers, computers- to do what we can on our end.  I explained our situation to a few of the Orthotrac reps at the GLAO user meeting and they took my info to get it to the appropriate person. 

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Good day Roxy (thebigsmile‌), 

What you are describing is known as a data split and a multi-database setup.  Data splits are handled by our Data Services department, but before they can proceed with that process, there must first be an order from Sales.  You will need to speak with the Sales department to find out the costs involved for this process. I have spoken to Sales to have someone reach out to your office, but if you do not hear back in a short time, please contact Sales directly at 800-473-4355. 


Phil Carter / Orthotrac Escalations