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Add, Delete, or Move Sections from the Route Slip

Add, Delete, or Move Sections from the Route Slip

I want the ability to customize the route slip. I want to add, delete, or move sections from the route slip. I'd also like to add certain patient information to the route slip so that I can confirm that with the patient. For example, patient address and phone number, and email address.

Premolar II

Our route slip does have the address and phone number. Email would be helpful. The idea of customizing the route slip is thought provoking.

There are times when I wished the option of selecting a route slip OR a  superbill was available. 

Anyone interested in this option?

Canine III

YES!! We were just talking about this yesterday.  Sometimes our assistants write extra "stuff" on the route slip and it confuses the front desk and they charge the wrong things out.  It would be great to just have them check mark what they did so there is no confusion.

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Hi Carolyn,

You can print a single route slip by right clicking on the patients appointment. You can customize the codes that appear on the route slip but there is a limit of 35 codes.

By any chance has the office explored charting, or using imaging in the rooms where computers are available to all staff?

This would provide another option to input codes in charting or check out from the room and suspend the chart for admin people to handle payment and insurance processing at checkout.

Just a couple of ideas


Canine III

Our routing slips have all of the information you mentioned. You can find the steps to customize your routing slips under the "help" menu on Softdent. 

We also use the patient update form in Softdent quick letters every 6 months to verify information. You might check that out as an option for your patients to make necessary changes to their record. Of course we still ask at each appointment if there have been any changes but sometimes seeing it in writing brings something that needs to be changed to their attention! 


You are correct, those options are available in CS Softdent Software, though this idea discussion is specifically for the CS PracticeWorks Office Software. Threads for the discussion of CS Softdent Software ideas can be found here. Thank you for your continued participation in these discussions as this is how we continue to improve our software.

Premolar II


The info you provided would be wonderful if we were a Softdent user. I like the way you think. 

Thank you for trying to help. 

Carolyn Barnett

Canine III

I guess that would be true! I apologize that I missed the fact that this question pertained to Practiceworks. It's been a long week!

First Molar I

I've been wanting the ability to fully customize our route slip (and treatment plan printout) for years!

Canine II

We just had this discussion today!  It would be nice to customize the route sheet so that it doesn't feel so cluttered.

Maybe, just the ability to clear away some of the things that we don't use.

Canine III

Actually, havent used the route slip feature before... we started in 2003 with pworks and have always had computers in the ops and private offices so the docs / hyg just look at the clipboard, or chart, or ledger... if they are curious about something. I do see the benefit of having it all in one place though and having it a tweakable thing for those that use it.

I am actually just looking at it for the first time its like one of those inserts you put in a paper chart... kind of neat... probably nothing we would use in our scenario but definitely can see it being useful if you weren't using the charting module to build tx plans and enter procedures being done out back in the clinical side of things.