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Add, Delete, or Move Sections from the Route Slip

Add, Delete, or Move Sections from the Route Slip

I want the ability to customize the route slip. I want to add, delete, or move sections from the route slip. I'd also like to add certain patient information to the route slip so that I can confirm that with the patient. For example, patient address and phone number, and email address.

Premolar I


I see your response to my comment on having a "Superbill" capability. We are chartless although find that not everything is done without paper. The "superbill" would be super handy for an unanticipated procedure. It saves time and insures the procedure is billed out. I wish we could be confident that all procedures completed are billed and vice versa. It appears that our practice does follow the same process as your practice based on your statement.

Maybe you could share with me how the practice ensures zero errors in billing is verified.

Carolyn Barnett