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Add Inventory Tracking to manage implants, materials, drugs

Add Inventory Tracking to manage implants, materials, drugs

Oral Surgery practices need a way to keep track of their implant inventory -- what's in stock, what needs to be reordered, what needs to be in a particular office in advance of an upcoming appointment that will use that stock. 
Same goes for Bone Graft materials. 
Lot numbers need to be tracked and reported so that patient lists can be created with contact info in case of recall. 
Surgical Drugs need to be tracked -- what is in stock, what has been used for which scheduled appointment/procedure (type, quantity), what has been discarded. This also needs to be reported on in case the DEA audits the practice.

Also need this for suture type used in any type of procedure.  And Membrane materials.

Track quantities used/wasted for the drugs.

A bar code system integrated into the system would also assist the practice to sell bar-coded materials.  Having the ability to create bar codes to slap onto something that they plan on selling would also be useful.

Manage the inventory stocked, the inventory used and ordering thresholds each have benefits.

Premolar I

Yes! But can I add that we need the ability to search on a wide variety of criteria. We'd need to be able to not only pull up a pt chart and see what drugs/material lot numbers were used, we should also be able to type in a serial number and see a list of all the patients that got that drug/part. I would request that this be easier than using the data export function, which is EXTREMELY time-consuming to get the exact report that you think you are trying to get.

Canine II

Did either you ever get any feedback on this issue? These seem like simple tasks (compared to the complex click paths required for some operations) that should have been incorporated before now. Especially with anesthesia drug tracking (use/waste reports) and implant inventory. Would love to see these sooner rather than later, along with many other updates/features.