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Add a third dental insurance on the clipboard

Add a third dental insurance on the clipboard

It would definitely make it a lot easier if we had the extra place to put a 3rd dental carrier, as a lot of our patients have split families with multiple insurance carriers.

  • "Our office is located in a military community and many of our patient have 3 insurances that we need to bill. There is not way for us to send or track the third claims once we send them off paper after we've had to reprint the secondary claim and whiteout the insurance info and replace it with the 3rd ins info."
  • "It is actually becoming necessary to have 4 options for dental insurance on the clipboard. Some Michigan teacher plans consist of 2 separate policies that cover the same procedures. That means if husband & wife are teachers they have a total of 4 policies. They need to be enterred as 2 "double" policies. For dependants it would be 2 primary and 2 secondary policies. Not to mention children of 2 teachers also being covered by a step-parent. This is beyond comprehension with the system in it's current state. This update is long overdue just for these "step-children" alone."

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Canine II

This would be a BIG help if we could add 3 or more carriers.  I have a situation where a retired government employee comes in, who has bcbs AND FEP blue dental -------------and Delta dental thru retired military all under himself.   Currently there is NO way to file and track claims for all 3 carriers.  Will this be handled in the new update?