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Add inter-office communications reminders or notes

Add inter-office communications reminders or notes

We would like to be able to send messages between workstations (users) and not all of them are patient related.  They normally have a destination user.  Having a feature that would set alerts on notes for individual users that are triggered when logging in or even displayed on practice central screen would be helpful.

  • A user should be able to print them also, as reminders.  There are reminders that you need to remind yourself as well as others and maybe it should not be put on a patient's chart.  I think the patient dock was a step in the right direction, but most of the time the person ignores or forgets what it is used for.  The notes that are sent should only show up on the person's computer that they are sent to.
  • We created a dummy patient account to accommodate this.  
  • Another useful addition to this function would be having a way of knowing when the recipient got your note... a "read receipt," of sorts.  Our department supervisors are particularly interested in this.
  • We created a patient called Office and send this note between workstations.
Premolar II

We are planning transition to the Cloud soon, and with the upgrade to MS Office 365, it sounds as though a lot of these needs will be met with that functionality. My understanding is that Office365 offers secure, manager-friendly communication and project management, which can incorporate email, chat, and instant messaging. We are looking forward to testing it's capabilities for the types of communication listed above.

It still would be nice to have the option to display the User on Contact Notes/Reminders in Practice Central.

On a similar note, it would be nice to disable the "Reminder Date" automatically filling in when an Encounter note is sent up from the back. Once converted to a Contact Note, it creates a long queue of all the notes sent up for each patient encounter that day. Seven full-time doctors later, that list is LONG each day. Most of the time, the ecounter notes are simple annotations about the treatment plan- "45 minutes needed", "get CBCT first at next visit", etc. We *DO* want our receptionists to convert these to Contact Notes so there is a permanent record, and they will have already read the essential information prior to scheduling the patient's next visit. We just don't want it creating the white noise of a long list of Contact Notes that do not actually require Action today (like a follow-up insurance phone call, or similar reminders set on a previous date).

Absolutely.....I requested this as a modification to the current dock system.  There should be an office intranet established between users. Patient charts can be an attachment if the message is pertaining to the patient. Should be just like everyday email.....tracking messages....who and when you sent it....was it ever followed up on, ect.....

This is an absolute no brainer!!