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Ageing Improvement and Outside Doctor Addition

Ageing Improvement and Outside Doctor Addition

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1.  Regarding the printout of the ageing details, we should be able to retrieve just the paperwork that lists both the patients' finances due as well as the insurance company finances due.  Currently, we have to run out that form (which shows both amounts) plus we need to run off a list just for the patients and a separate one just for the insurance companies.

We should be able to print out just the one combination form and not the other two.  Too much ink and paper are being wasted by having to run off all 3 sets when the first printout is sufficient.  Plus it's too much paper to have to file and store.

Is there a way to eliminate having to print out all 3 categories?  

2.  Regarding under the Wrench, the category of "Outside Doctor Information", can the category "Retired" be inserted?

As time passes, various dentists retire.  There should be a way to keep their names under the patients' file they originally had just for accurate record keeping; but at the same time erase their names under the active Outside Doctor Information because they're no longer in practice.  

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Good day Dr. Naghdi (doctor‌), 

I'm not certain what you mean by "printout the aging details".  If you are referring to the Roll Reports which are printed when you roll your accounts, the Roll Report already shows all accounts which were affected by the roll (patient, responsible party and insurance). 

If you are referring to the Accounts Receivable reports, those reports must remain separate (accounts receivable sorted by Patient; accounts receivable sorted by Responsible Party; accounts receivable sorted by Insurance).  There is not a way to "combine" these into a single report because the results found when sorting by patient or responsible party will find different accounts than when sorting by insurance.  In other words, the list of accounts who have an insurance balance that is past due may be completely different from the list of accounts whose patient / responsibility balance is past due.  In any case, combining these three reports into a single report would essentially be the same as printing all three reports separately anyway.

Regarding item 2, that is a fine idea and I will make sure it is passed on to Development.  In order for the doctors to still appear on the patient information screen, they would have to be still present in Outside Doctor Maintenance, but we would probably be able to implement a way to to filter the list to not include doctors that have been marked as retired. Tagging the OrthoTrac PLM uriyahrobinson‌  to make sure he is aware of the suggestion. 


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations