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Alert (blinking/bing) to inform staffs when patients are checked in.

Alert (blinking/bing) to inform staffs when patients are checked in.

Front office and Back office is separated by distance or a door.  An alert is needed to inform staff of patient readiness or movement, etc.

For example, even though the appointment changes color, the staff is not constantly looking at the screen.  There are other, third-party software (Message Pal, BlueNote) that we can use to alert the staff when someone is here.  Would be nice to have SoftDent automatically do that for us and then keep a record of it.

Canine II

Agreed, same for CSWinOMS.  Another medical EMR system I use to work with had symbols and color options associated with where the patient is in the office or appointment; paperwork pending, paperwork completed, waiting in room, ready for appointment, checkout, etc.  It was great when you have multiple locations or work in an office where you can see where the patient is moving too.

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Carestream OrthoTrac Software does have a feature in Patient Flow, that allows an audible notification when a patient checks in...It is a setting in the Patient Flow Maintenance. It can be turned on or off as desired. Perhaps this can be made available in some of our other software programs.