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Allow PracticeWorks to Utilize Signature Pads

Allow PracticeWorks to Utilize Signature Pads

It would be a benefit if PW could integrate with a signature pad to help offices who want to or are in the process of going paperless.

What we really need is digital documents with the patient's signature on documents for legal and malpractice purposes that are part of the patient's record and can be printed on demand. Eliminate having to scan these documents. For example, consent forms, treatment plans, health histories and updates, etc.

This would be perfect addition for all forms that require signature: consent for treatment, financial responsibility, HIPAA, Health History registrations etc.

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

We have a pedo specialty office in the northeast, that performs a caries risk assessment every visit for every patient.  They report these to the insurance companies by posting a 601, 602, or 603 on the patient's ledger which indicates if the patient is at low, moderate, or high risk for dental caries. 

Canine III

You almost have this with the E-Forms module. It could use a little performance improvements when opening on the PC with gigabit and solid state its close to 30 seconds not terrible feels like an eternity if you don't start opening ahead of the patient actually being ready to sign, I'm also planning on upgrading the server this year so it may help this as well. (If you don't close it and leave it minimized it will open almost immediately for the next patient - pro tip). Time is the most precious thing at the front desk there is rarely a moment you can work on just one thing at a time.

It has the ability to email patients paperwork ahead of their appointment but if it needs a signature it will just say see the front desk for this (which kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion of sending them the form) would be nice if it worked more like some other online signature acquisition products and either captured with a mouse or on screen... or randomized a signature font when they typed their name in (may they be unnamed to avoid product placement).... so we don't use this portion (Been a while since I checked so it could be better now but I already use a different product for this functionality).

If you have a dedicated Ipad to use with it that can help because if you design your forms right you get a list of patients that need form signatures pull the one up quick when they are in front of you and have them sign it on the iPad screen. It also doesn't tie up a precious front desk workstation. Not too shabby unless you get caught off guard needing an extraction consent and have to add one on the fly.

(I don't work for Carestream just based on my own meandering experiences)