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Appointment Search

Appointment Search

Appointment search should include the day you are currently working, there are openings in your schedule, why not fill them of patients that want to be seen ASAP-

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Good day Roxy (thebigsmile), 

Thanks for the suggestion!  Previously this was not possible in OrthoTrac because when patient flow loaded for the day, it loaded based on the appointments that were on the schedule at that time, and any changes to the schedule day after that would not affect patient flow.  However, recent changes to patient flow have made it possible for new appointments added on the current schedule day to still be added to patient flow even after it has been loaded.  Thus, the previous logic of why appointment searches defaulted to start with tomorrow's date no longer holds. 

I am tagging the Orthotrac PLM, uriyahrobinson‌, to make sure he is aware of this suggestion.  Thanks again!


Phil Carter / Orthotrac Escalations