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Assignment of Insurance Adjustments per PATIENT

Assignment of Insurance Adjustments per PATIENT

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Softdent currently assigns any adjustment to the Primary dental plan.   It would be very useful if we could assign the plan in which to calculate the adjustment.   The tab for the assignment would most likely need to be within the patient screen.    A correction of this type would allow offices to have the correct adjustment in the event the primary is a PPO that you are contracted with yet still considered out of network, dependents, dependent children, or simply in cases where there is not an adjustment on Primary due to non-covered services etc.    This correction would be an ENORMOUS selling point for Softdent as it would be the only software with that capability.    

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Is the suggestion about Invisalign drop down menus (aligner #, aligner duration prescribed etc) in the works, or is this the 1st time it has been suggested?   
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Good morning  - see Dr. Palaganas's question above - Is this not possible today in the treatment card?  I also tagged you in on his original post on Jeff Urkevich's thread.
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 - Good morning - to answer your question directly, it is the first time I have seen the suggestion put this way but my role does not focus on these kinds of things 100%.  Lets see if it is in some way possible to track this first, and if not, then I can get it added to the suggestions backlog for consideration during future prioritization discussions.
Good day Dr. Palaganas,

Please see my response on Jeff Urkevich's original thread, here:

Phil Carter / Orthotrac Escalation
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admin!  Remove this one as I created it twice.  Thanks!