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Be able to type Appointment type with drop down list appearing as you type

Be able to type Appointment type with drop down list appearing as you type

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making an appointment is one of the slowest processes on r4. 

If it could be typed in with the drop down list appearing (like on a google searchbar using ajax)

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

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I will let our clients respond to the actual poll, but why not provide the ability to set any of the three as the default via a setting?

Phil Carter / Orthotrac Escalations

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I would NONE to the options.

I'm not sure how much load time images would add to opening a chart, but I could imagine that it would take up a significant amount of bandwidth in offices opening and closing a dozen charts every 20 minutes.

Canine II

I was between gallery and pan. I would be good with either.

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I totally agree with how slow R4 is to make an appointment but I've recently discovered that if you go to make the appointment and if the treatment bar is clicked on and highlighted you can then type the first letter of the appointment you need and it jumps to that particular part of the list of appointments.

Sorry if I haven't made myself quite clear.