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Bluebook Limitations for Prophy Frequency

Bluebook Limitations for Prophy Frequency

Client request:  

In the Bluebook, for Cleanings (D1110/D1120), under limitations, we should be able to set how often cleanings are covered.
For example:

- Once every 6 months/180 days

- 2 times per year
- Once every 12 months/365 days

- Once per calendar year

This could also be helpful for exams (D0120) or X-rays (D0210, D0274, etc.)

- Once per year

- Once every 5 years

Premolar II
Dillan, it looks like you're already part of the community. It may have been one of those things where you logged in once and then forgot about it.

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Its my time to shine. Lets do this.
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Also, add  the following codes to frequency limits.  Can I also add an enhancement to this request?  When a frequency is set for a plan per procedure code, please auto add the notation to the note section of the Bluebook tab so that the information is provided to all staff scheduling those types of tx.    Additional codes should be - 4910,4346,274,210,330,4341,4342, 

Having the frequency limit on the code is great for auto configuration of tx plans and ledgers but the automatic relay of information to staff via blue book notes is key to efficiency.   When HYG staff has the info, they do not have to look for it, if they don’t have to look for it, it saves time AND reduces opportunity for error due to employees entering plan info. 

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Hi everyone! 

So I've been doing some sketching for this and I need some clarification.

Frequency Options: Is it necessary to have each of the ones listed above even though they are redundant or is it ok to just have the two.

So do we need this like stated above?:

  • Once every 6 months/180 days
  • 2 times per year
  • Once every 12 months/365 days
  • Once per calendar year

or is this enough:

  • Twice per calendar year
  • Once per calendar year


Security or Audit Entry: Is there a need for security settings for this checkbox so not everyone can use it? What about audit entries for checking and/or unchecking the box?

Suggested Codes:
D1110/D1120, 4910, 4346, 274, 210, 330, 4341, 4342,

Expected Behavior:
When the checkbox is checked and a frequency is selected, the frequency would display on the Bluebook tab.

@mdunham - what would concern me about auto-inserting the selected frequency into the Bluebook Notes is that, depending on what's already in there, there may not be room for more characters. I'm not exactly sure if there's a character limit on this Bluebook notes field but I know there are on other fields of this type.

On the Bluebook's code list. There is lots of space. What if we added a display above the Notes field like below.

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 3.06.11 PM.png




Sketches: Code Frequency Section added to BlueBook -> Limitations


State 1: Unchecked - Not in Use


State 2: Checked - Frequency Select from Dropdown




State 3: Checked - In Use - Frequency Selected







Modified dropdown for Codes: D0120, D0210, D0274, 

  • Once per year
  • Once every 5 years
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In regards to the Bluebook notes,  the bluebook frequency note will only save offices time and improved efficiency if the frequency note prompts for a bluebook note to populate within the VIEW APPT option or as a pop up while user is editing or making an appointment.    It does not matter to me where the frequency note resides as long as it creates the same pop-ups and notices as the system currently does.   

When used properly front desk personnel are not bogged down with the responsibility of providing this information to Hygiene staff.  This is one of THE BEST features of SD. This convenient tool allows for my insurance staff to pull benefits ONCE for a plan, populate the frequencies for the group.  Once frequencies are entered, my scheduler and hyg team can quickly determine if a service has met its frequency.  When consulting with SD offices, this is the first trick I show to them, it is their favorite and an enormous savior to the dr. pocketbook in overhead costs, as many offices actually have a person who verifies these items with the patients' plan prior to every

My concern is that if they place the frequency knob on the tab above, that it will not populate pop-ups.     

Moral of the story ( don't lose my pop-ups, you'll ruin my whole schtick! hahahah!) Smiley Wink 

 appointment!!!     sdexample.PNGsdexample2.PNG




Feel free to call me if you need clarification of how offices like to use these to their advantage. 

Premolar III

Also, the frequency terms were great!   To avoid confusion, I would call the year frequency, Calendar Year.   

The reason is that; believe it or not, YEAR can mean something different to a dental plan.  It can mean benefit year (contract year/services beginning in some other month than January)  It can also mean 12 rolling months, etc and so on.  You would think this was a simple thing.  The very simple term YEAR seems to be a vague term in dental.  Keeping it straight, keeps our patients happy with us, so, therefore, we love our SD when it keeps us in check. 

To keep benefit communications clear use Months and Calendar Year.

Plans set frequencies as such:  service x frequency x Months 

                                                   Service x Frequency x Calendar year 

Months meaning the number of months, which can be used for Contract year terms, 12 rolling months, 12 consecutive months etc. 

Calendar year is January 1 - Dec 31st.  


Many SD offices will be excited when this is done, KUDOS!







Canine II

We have some insurance plans that are floating months, will we be able to edit the drop down box or perhaps have a blank one that this could be put into?

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Sounds like maybe a dropdown with defined terms is not going to be as good as just a field for you to free type in. 

Any thoughts here?

Premolar III

Drop down menu is great, as long as it could update the notes section, therefore prompting for frequency notes to pop up.   This saves dental offices and enormous amount of revenue in terms of employee overhead, and improves efficiency.

Clicking the dropdown, will simply mean double work for offices, in that we would be smart to click the button so that SD configures the ledger properly, and then we would also have to make note to suffice HYG FREQ protocol.  


Question: If it is impossible for  SD to add to note section from drop down, would it be possible for the drop-down to create its own notification?   Would need to keep box notes though.  

Premolar III

dhauptmann,  12 floating and 12 cons are the same thing.  Many plans/companies/representatives use the terms interchangeably.  Example: if the plan only paid 4910 2x12 months, and the Rollover date for policy is March,  they would only have a benefit for 4910 completed anytime between March 1 and February 28th, even if the plan pays on a Calendar Year.   (Forgive me if I explained something you already knew  Smiley Happy