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Bluebook Limitations for Prophy Frequency

Bluebook Limitations for Prophy Frequency

Client request:  

In the Bluebook, for Cleanings (D1110/D1120), under limitations, we should be able to set how often cleanings are covered.
For example:

- Once every 6 months/180 days

- 2 times per year
- Once every 12 months/365 days

- Once per calendar year

This could also be helpful for exams (D0120) or X-rays (D0210, D0274, etc.)

- Once per year

- Once every 5 years

Premolar II
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Canine II
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Premolar III

Also, add  the following codes to frequency limits.  Can I also add an enhancement to this request?  When a frequency is set for a plan per procedure code, please auto add the notation to the note section of the Bluebook tab so that the information is provided to all staff scheduling those types of tx.    Additional codes should be - 4910,4346,274,210,330,4341,4342, 

Having the frequency limit on the code is great for auto configuration of tx plans and ledgers but the automatic relay of information to staff via blue book notes is key to efficiency.   When HYG staff has the info, they do not have to look for it, if they don’t have to look for it, it saves time AND reduces opportunity for error due to employees entering plan info.