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CSR4+ Improvements to speed up processing treatments

CSR4+ Improvements to speed up processing treatments

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On CSR4+ could you please have the Patient Declaration dates for starting & ending treatment duplicate over to the EDI dates on the claim; on the EDI claim the Date of Acceptance should also duplicate to the Date of Approval as these are always the same. 

Could you also add an option to permanently remove the box 'Select Templates to Add' that pops up when putting treatment claims through.

Many thanks.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Good Morning

With regards to your query about "select templates to add", this sounds like you have templates assigned to a treatment code.
The next time the box pops up, make note of which templates it wants to you choose from, I expect it would be the following: Recall Exam, New Patient Exam and Hygiene Exam (i could be wrong so do check) then in a patients chart (any patient) top right side select the option to "manage"
on the template manage screen find the templates by using the search box on the top left. Once a template has been selected on the right there is an option for assign to codes, make sure nothing is selected, i expect 101 Clinical Exam has been selected for the above 3 templates i mentioned above but if it is not those then it could be any code. You might need to see what codes your using in a treatment plan and see what is triggering the box. 
repeat for all the templates that where popping up, removing there assign to codes option, saving after each change and you should no longer see that message appear. 

hope that helps.

kind regards
Liam Rushton