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Change so that a User Title (eg Orthodontist) is available in patient screen Dentist selector

Change so that a User Title (eg Orthodontist) is available in patient screen Dentist selector

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When registering a New User on R4 I can select 'Orthodontist' or a 'Therapist'.  When I go to the Patient record screen to record a new patient details against that user it doesn't bring anyone up that isn't registered as 'Dentist'!  Please can you amend the software so that we can pick from the same list that we initially record users as.  As present we have to include everyone as a Dentist yet out of all my clinicians I only need two to actually pick from who are the Orthodontists.  


Thanks for yesterday meeting and for the PDF instead of the ZIP file.

We yesterday talked about the workflow (Workflow Manager-Journey) and the possibility to take
shortcuts. We have lots problem today with all shortcuts and the effect on patient
safety.The workflow must feel so natural and easy, so you don’t want to make shortcuts. But if you make a
shortcut, you have to “sign” that you decided to do shortcuts.

Application Framework. I like your Framework, especially that it is simply and not too much content and that it also works on tablet and phone.

The “card”-based Framework, there you go from one card to next card without moving the mouse
pointer too much is also good.

I will look more at this PDF and will be back with more comments, but first i will take a trip to
England next week with my family. Have a nice weekend! Anders

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

We'll keep that in mind.

I'm not as worried as you are. The interuptive workflow patterns will solve this and you will stay on path on the main workflow.

Canine II
Is there a way to view claims once they have been paid?
CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee
You can selected "Completed Claims" on the Express Bar.  
Canine II
Thanks, I am new to this office (and softdent) and the girls here were never trained properly so they do not know much but the basics. They swore there was not a way to see old claims. Obviously very easy. Thank you!