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Check-in Screen hardware for appointment arrivals

Check-in Screen hardware for appointment arrivals

A Check-in screen (possibly with a tablet as hardware) linked to R4 would be really useful:

1) This would allow patients to check themselves in on arrival

2) free up the receptionist

3) reduce queues at reception (& potentially irritated patients!)

4) could be developed and used re patient id e.g.: Pt's may be able to add a photo to R4 or even update specific details address / tel No's etc?

Canine II

We had the original touchscreen. We found worked very well if reception busy. We currently have one provided by Welltime (who do the online booking software) They where no longer advertising it, but provided it for us, so may be worth asking. We have it set up on a windows 10 touchscreen PC.

Canine III

I run a fully computerised surgery and I agree with Paul. An entry screen which is annonomised like at me doctors surgery really would be a great addition. And as I use it at my Doctors it is a great way of i Coorporate The friends and family test and customer/patient feedback

Fantastic idea if it can be incorporated seamlessly

Paul Cassar

Canine II

We used the touchscreen in desk kiosks provided by Carestream back in 2011 and they worked right up till the middle of this year, however they no longer work and we have found no solution to the problem.  The screens work fine it appears to be a software issue.  From our point of view having used this facility for 6 years we found it very useful and so did our patients.  Most patients find it very convenient to be able to just 'check-in' themselves and of course our receptionists are there to help and answer any questions they may have.  Many of our patients have commented how they miss the screens

Canine II

I agree with Paul Liano. It is about Staff Training and how you deal with patients.

Most of my reception staff time is taken up by arranging new appointments and dealing with Financial issues.

We have had several patient feedback comments that bemoan the fact that they have to either wait to just check in or are interrupted by somebody who wants to check in whilst doing their financial transactions and appointment scheduling.

It is however important to ensure that a check-in kiosk will also work with hosted systems!!!