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Check in Screen

Check in Screen

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In our office we use a system where patients who come in on time are checked in immediately into the on deck and anyone who arrives early or late is checked into the lobby.  That way our clinic staff know who is to be brought into the clinic first and who can wait to be seen. 

The check in computer only puts patients into the lobby and will not allow them to sign in too early or late.  We would like to be able to change the location options for the check in screen module to automatically place the patients in the right area.

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Good day Helen (htrohatos‌),

I am tagging the OrthoTrac PLM uriyahrobinson‌ to make sure he is aware of this request.  Please be aware that this is not likely something that will be added in a future version as it would effectively "break" the patient flow design (which is designed to have patients automatically checked to the first location that you have enabled). 


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Thanks Helen for bringing this idea to the Exchange.  If you come across more ideas for improvement, please let us know.