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Clinical Notes

Clinical Notes

Suggested enhancement: please add a feature that will turn the appt in the schedule a different color or show an icon when a CN has been made.  Some of us "post notes at the end of the day" while others do it as the day goes along so all of our settings are different.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @KWarenos

Thank you for the suggestion! I'm going to get this moved over to the Product Ideas area. 

Canine II

Agreed with above.  Additionally, if there was a way that the "color" could be different on the scheduler from when a procedure is "posted" so that the clinical note can be written, and when the patient is "checked out" up front.  Because the colors are the same, the front desk may forget to check out the patient and forget to submit their insurance claim because the color shows them the same as checked out.

Finally, I know that you can add notes manually or after posting, but if you add notes manually, then how do you make sure that the notes are associated with the patient's visit for that day (similar to how they are done with creating notes after posting)