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Complete Aged Receivables report, sorted by Carrier

Complete Aged Receivables report, sorted by Carrier

I know you can run the Report>Insurance>Insurance Aged Receivables, but this report is "too much and not enough" all at once. For instance, you cannot print it for just one doctor or just one office; the report includes all, and you have to edit out which pages you need in Acrobat before printing. Even then, it does not include:

  • Any accounts that have a credit balance
  • Accounts with patient balance
  • If the account is in collections (e.g,- "being handled by their supervisor')
  • Last payment date
  • We cannot choose the order of the groupings. For example, if wanted divisions by both Office and Provider, we cannot choose Provider first, then Office as a secondary division.

For this report to be useful to us, we would have to turn around and process a separate complete report and strike each of these accounts off it; not efficient.

I looked into the Contact Expert aged receivables report, but did not like the lack of printable option to hand in to a supervisor, the inability to open the patient account by clicking directly on the name, nor the other limitations and potential ease of erroneous batch actions.

Our insurance coordinators are each assigned a doctor, and only follow-up those accounts when processing their AR reports. Presently, to have the best information available, they use Report>Financial>Aged Receivables report, select their provider, and print. If the Financial Aged Receivables report could at least list the insurance carrier, or better yet allow us to group by carrier, that would be a tremendous help. It would allow our IC's to more efficiently call/process their AR report.

I spoke with Jake and Alex at WinOMS today, to ensure I was not mistaken about the capabilities vs. what we are wanting. They confirmed it was not possible currently. Call ref#6595844.

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First Molar I
WHen will the new version (enhanced) be available?   I am assuming near or after Summit? 
Premolar III
Hi Melissa, yes we're looking at the end of 2017.  Ideally, we will have something to show at the Summit.