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Display on the scheduler an indication that clinical notes are complete

Display on the scheduler an indication that clinical notes are complete

When entering clinical notes, it would be nice to display a colored corner (like the red corner that is displayed when there is an appointment note in the scheduler) That would be activated only when clicking on "OK" after entering clinical notes. At the end of the day it would be easy to verify that all clinical notes have been completed.

Frequently, I have finished the day, and clinical notes may not have been completed for an earlier patient for whatever reason. More often, a patient initially scheduled to see provider A is changed to another time/date and may actually be seeing provider B. When posted, the clinical note may not be completed by provider B because it is still listed as provider A. Reviewing the schedule will at least pinpoint the patient appointment, and upon inspection, will show the wrong provider, allow a change, so that the note can be completed.

It would also let the front desk know they are out of that account! we have a problem when trying to check out a patient the clinical staff is still making notes. Only one person can be in the account at a time.

Minimizing the key strokes to review the clinical notes would also be nice. For example, right click on the patient's name in the scheduler and chose "Clinical Notes" from the drop down window rather than right click->Patient Information->View clinical notes...

Canine III

We agree that some type of check mark needs to be added to show that clinical notes have been done.  I cannot count the number of days that we think they are complete only to find out the next day we missed one or two.  It really should be a simple fix. we have been asking for this for a few years now.

Canine II

What I do to solve this problem is: after writing my notes, from the Schedule, double click the appointment and add an asterisk in front of whatever i have written in the "description" line.

Thank way, when I look through the schedule, that symbol is very distinctly right below their name and everyone can visualize it! Hope this helps someone out who's frustrated like I was!

Canine III

Could you explain a little further. I just tried what you said and I don’t get what you mean? Do you double click on the patient in the apt book?

Premolar II

It would be nice if there is a "final sign off" button before this symbol appears.  We have a couple of doctors that ask their assistant to go ahead and post the generic note and then they go back when they have a few minutes and add any details they need to. 

This is not directly related but if we could have a way to make sure that the generic note will always serve as a default.  We have a lot of staff and doctors that use a generic note and add the details needed for each appointment.  It seems like I spend a lot of my time cleaning up the generic notes.  When the option to save comes up it is instinctive that they want to "Save" the note for the patient so they click yes and therefore change the generic note.  I have explained over and over again why they should hit cancel but they just can't make that mental switch. 

Thanks for your help.