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Email things like Treatment Plans from SD

Email things like Treatment Plans from SD

it would be nice to have an option to email treatment plans to patients.  We can email an archived statement... why not a treatment plan?

How about emailing a copy of the schedule, i.e. another DDS in the practice?

Also be able to customize the payment options of the bottom of the Treatment plan.  They waste so much paper printing on only half of the page -- need to have more control over this.l

Our patients ask for an emailed treatment plan all the time.  We need to make it so that more treatment lines can fit on a single page.  The tooth chart is a waste of space on the Treatment Plan.

Perhaps this can be done from the print option?

I could print to PDF and email from there, but that creates other management problems: 1) There is no record kept of what was sent, 2) i need to know what the email address is that i'm sending to, 3) i need an email client on my workstation.

Perhaps consider an email queue that can be processed at the end of the day to send all walkout statements, letters, treatment plans, etc.