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Enhance Automatic Estimating for Secondary Insurance

Enhance Automatic Estimating for Secondary Insurance

We currently have a problem with SoftDent not being able to do an estimate of secondary insurance payment, even when both the primary and secondary insurances are loaded in the bluebook. Is this something that could be added as an upgrade to the operating system? Right now we are spending way too much time in consultation with patients trying to manually calculate estimates, which unfortunately are very often inaccurate.

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Love what I read and see so far, thanks.

BTW, back on the Carecredit account screen distribution. Here is what I saw today.

We were attempting to post a $300 + CareCredit payment - the patient had a balance, and the account had a balance (likely from interest charge).

Softdent was unable to distribute the CareCredit amount properly. Both account and patient had the same doctor code (me).

Still trying to find if it is user error, or that CareCredit CANNOT distribute a payment regardless.


Dr. Ron Cavola

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Please keep me posted on the CareCredit thing, I will get support involved if needed.

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I believe in addition to utilizing the Bluebooks and Fee Schedules the ability to configure Secondary dental ins, would be to allow PPO offices to select which plan to calculate adjustment too.   This selection would need to be selected in the PATIENT field as adding this

optiom per plan would be useless.      Great suggestion, I hope you don't mind my addition. 

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The more suggestions we make the better chance we are heard and the software will be adjusted to include the features we need the most and find the most helpful! 🙂