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Enhance statements for FSA reimbursement

Enhance statements for FSA reimbursement

Currently the normal payment receipts cannot be submitted by our patients for reimbursements from FSA. We would like to have an option to print both the posted procedures and payments on the same receipt, along with the office contact information (name, address, phone number).

Currently we copy and paste the receipt information into a word document, then manually write down all the performed procedures.

We have roughly 5-12 requests for these fsa receipts each week.

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We're getting a higher volume of these for the end of the year as our patients are using up their FSA's and HSA's.

We're currently writing these by hand by copying and pasting the ledger dump and adding in the procedures done.  This is time consuming and we can't produce this on demand.  We end up having to mailing these to our patient the next day.

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Our office will just print a statement from the date of payment which then shows the office address and information.  We just have the patient submit a copy of the contract with this statement and they never have any problems.  I hope this helps.


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I agree wholeheartedly.  Writing out receipts on a regular basis is time consuming.  There must be a way to print an itemized receipt with the charge codes?

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I just print a statement that shows all of the charges and payments from whatever date that they need and it has been sufficient for FSA. We have one employer that we know will automatically flag their down payment if they use their Benny card, so I print a statement right then and it will show the procedure and the charges and I have never have had a problem. I know that the financial agreement will work for some as well. 

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I hope Orthotrac will implement helpful FSA/HSA reporting as almost 90 % of our patients require this information on a monthly basis.  Contracts  and ledgers are noit sufficient anymore in our area. 

Manually providing this information is very time consuming.  Thanks!

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