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Expiration for HIPAA acknowledgement

Expiration for HIPAA acknowledgement

Referencing this conversation, it would be highly beneficial to list an expiration date for the HIPAA Acknowledgement, that would then disable the green checkmark, so we know to obtain a new one the next time the patient comes in.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee
Jeff met Dr. Russell McCalley at the CDA over the weekend. Dr. McCalley enthusiastically wants to be part of the SD burst effort. Will you add him to the SD DEV place?
Premolar II
Done - here was the message I included as it doesnt look like he has signed up for the exchange yet. 

​"Hello Dr. McCalley,Jeff Urkevich shared your enthusiasm with us for the SoftDent project we are working on based on the conversations you had at the CDA.  This invitation is not only to join our free online community, The Exchange, but also to join a private group where the designers and analysts will be working with a select group of customers like yourself to help make the project a success.  See you on the exchange!

Kris Kinlen
​Director, Analysis & Design"