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FIX ALLOWANCE TABLE Auto-COrrection of BlueBooks

FIX ALLOWANCE TABLE Auto-COrrection of BlueBooks

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Allowance tables NO LONGER update Allowance Amounts for procedure codes in Bluebooks. 

Example 1:  Change in Allowance table amount is made for a procedure code.  Bluebooks are not updating to reflect the new Allowance amount.    

   Problem 1:  to update all of our Plan Bluebooks to reflect accurate/changed Allowance tables, we would have to remove the current Bluebook (and lose ALL of our Frequency notes) 

 Problem 2:  Treatment plan estimated adjustments and patient out of pocket amounts are inaccurate and must be constantly managed for accuracy. This is very time-consuming.  

Problem 3:   If Bluebook numbers are inaccurate, the patients estimated USED amounts are also inaccurate.  


Example 2:  New CODE is added to Allowance Table with fee.   BlueBook, which currently has Allowance table attached, will not pull amount for new code into bluebook when the new code is added to bluebook.   The new code will use the office fee as the allowed amount instead of the Allowance table fee. 

   Problem:  Staff member must look up the allowance table fee for the code and enter into the plan.