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Fix the treatment notes

Fix the treatment notes

We are on the new update with the massive changes in charting.  I have problems with the following:

1.  Run time errors when you try to put in comment only.

2.  Changes to font/color in order to differentiate notes in a patient's record are no longer visible on the main screen.

3.  When you select "view all" , the color coding is now visible but only if the patient was seen that day. 

4.  Clinical notes are pulling in the wrong procedure codes when patients have a series of appointments.  

5.  View all is not all! It excludes the important notes that we have put in a patient's record.  

These are big changes that can lead to error.  It is my opinion that these are areas of great concern.

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Kris and Fredrik, do we know who will attend from FTV?


CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

It will be Cecilia, Anders and Christina on the initial meeting where we will discuss attendees in the coming meetings.

Thanks for the slides. Look forward to the meeting on monday afternoon.



Good day Paula (paularyfa‌),

Thank you for your feedback!  I will respond to these in order:

1.  You didn't specify an exact error message but if you refer to a "Run-time error 5: Invalid procedure call or argument" which occurs only for specific patients when opening comment only charting, this has already been identified as a defect in the new Charting and will be corrected in a future version.  The workaround is to use Edit Charting instead.  You can still enter a Note (comment only entry) for patients using Edit Charting.  Simply enter the comments into the Comment field and click Save to save the comment.  If you do not add any procedures or oral hygiene ratings to the entry, it will not be counted as a clinical visit and will simply be recorded as a Note. 

2.  This is due to a programming language restriction in the control used to build the main Charting display.  There is not a way around this.  All colors in entries will still be recorded and will always be visible in the "View All" screen on Charting.   Development is working to find ways to address this in a future version. 

3.  Colors in entries are visible for entries regardless of how old they are. 

4.  I will discuss this further with you when I contact you later today. 

5.  As mentioned in my reply to the other thread here, this is by design to cut down on the number of entries displayed. Only clinical entries display on the View All screen.  This was done with extensive feedback from a large number of offices working with us directly to help create the new Charting.  However, due to additional feedback we have received since version 14 went live, development is considering adding these back in as an optional setting in a future version. 


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations

Premolar I

I understand, and I'm not shooting the messenger, but we used these features extensively, which have essentially been taken away from us.  The notes will only appear in view all if a procedure code is tagged with the note.  I think this is a big problem that not all our notes on a patient's chart are being displayed as we intended them to.  If we were medical instead of ortho, this would put our patients at grave risk.  We are a profoundly unhappy office right now.  It is better to have too much data than missing data.